The Best Nightlife in Porto (Portugal)

Gare Porto
  • Gare Porto

    Rua da Madeira 182 4000-330 Porto Portugal
    Considered one of the best clubs in Europe and now a favorite of so many artists in many different genres, Gare is the club in Porto where you go for the music and get to experience the alternative culture of the underground scene. Friday nights alternate between the fast paced sounds of Drum'n'bass and House Music while Saturdays are devoted to Techno Music.
    Price range: Inexpensive
Sandhouse Lounge
Hard Rock Cafe Porto
  • Hard Rock Cafe Porto

    Rua do Almada, 120 4050-031 Porto Portugal
    A Alma do Rock é Invicta - The Soul of Rock is Invictus. Combining Porto’s strong sense of history with the irreverence and character of the Hard Rock brand, Hard Rock Cafe Porto provides a fascinating and charming dining opportunity in the second largest city in Portugal. Known for its wine and elected for the third time this decade as the “Best European Destination,” Porto is adding Hard Rock Cafe to its diverse landscape that joins old-world charm with proud ...
    Price range: Expensive
The Gin House
Via Rápida
  • Via Rápida

    Rua Manuel Pinto de Azevedo 567 Armazém 5 4100-321 Porto Portugal
    Dance & Night Club
    Price range: Inexpensive
Industria Club
  • Industria Club

    Av. Brasil, 843 4150-154 Porto Portugal
    Electronic dance music club. Gathering place for international superstars, local heroes and the best Oporto crowd, with a lovely Funktion One sound system.
Eskada Porto
Pride Bar
Porto-Rio = Barco Gandufe
Kasa da Praia
Plano B
  • Plano B

    Rua Cândido dos Reis nº30 4050-150 Porto Portugal
    Dance & Night Club
    Price range: Inexpensive
The Lingerie Restaurant
Lust Porto
Discoteca Number One
  • MoreClub

    Rua Galeria de Paris, 80 4050-284 Porto Portugal
    Dance & Night Club
    Price range: Inexpensive
Khan el Khalili
Porto Tónico
Casa Agrícola
Zoom Porto
  • Zoom Porto

    Beco de Passos Manuel, N. 40 (na Rua de Passos Manuel) 4050 Porto Portugal
    Zoom Porto is a club in town and it's extremely popular and well decorated in the city center and like other places, is located in a former warehouse. Here, you can find exclusive and amazing partys with gogo dancers and an energetic crowd dancing to Pop and House music. POP Party on Friday and Saturday with International super guest Djs
    Price range: Inexpensive
É Prá Poncha
BaliHai Polinesian Bar
Bonaparte Downtown
Pinguim Café
Portologia Porto, La Maison des Porto
Rota Do Chá - Página oficial
Cereal Porto Café
  • Pérola

    Rua Gonçalo Cristovão nr. 288 4000-266 Porto Portugal
    Dance & Night Club
    Price range: Moderate
Era uma vez em Paris
HD Bar To Be Wild
Heaven's Bell
Páteo das Flores
Club Mau Mau
Espaço TQ
Tendinha dos Clérigos